Accounting and Business Services

We prepare financial statements for our clients, and can tailor our work to your needs.  For example, if you work with quick books, our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about this software, we use it daily.  We can analyze your data, make recommendations as to changes, journal entries, and perhaps easier and better ways to operate the software.  We can do this while visiting your office, or you can bring in or email your data and we can do our work from our offices.

Another way for us to help is to actually take your raw data, bank statements, check registers and other original documents, and write up your books.  The finished product, a compiled financial statement, will help you understand the financial aspects of your business, communicate results to partners, stockholders or banks, and in many cases will help us project and prepare for income taxes, to strategize about saving on taxes.

Other business services we provide include:

  – budgeting and profit projections

  – breakeven analyses

  – business valuations

  – insurance and risk assessments

If you would like a consultation about these or any other accounting or business questions, please contact Barry at