IRS Audit Representation

It doesn’t happen often, but if you receive a notice that your tax returns are selected for review, this can be a worrisome and disagreeable time.

We can help you through the process, help you organize your documentation, and understand your rights and responsibilities with regard to the government.

There are different types of audits.

Correspondence audits:  the government select one or a few items on your return and asks you to send proof or documentation.

Office audits:  the IRS selects certain items on your return for review, and asks that you bring data and documents in support of the return items to their office.  We can help you present this proof in a manner expected by the government, to make this process as speedy and efficient as possible.

Others:  For certain audits, the government schedules the audit at your place of business.  In these situations, we invite them to our offices and handle the matters here.

We handle all types of audits.  You agree to sign a power of attorney, help us with gathering and organizing the data, and we will either go to the audit, have them come to our offices, or respond in writing to their correspondence requests.

We want to help you.  Should the need arise, please contact us at