Tax Preparation and Compliance

We estimate that over the years we have prepared almost 40,000 individual income tax returns.  Add to that another 15,000 business and entity returns.  This experience, combined with our commitment to continuing education, staff development, and using the best software available, is why we know we are the accounting firm for you.

We use Commerce Clearing House’s Prosytem fx software, an industry leading product use by the largest and best accounting firms.  We have used it for twenty years.  It helps us track tax data from year to year, including carryovers and other tax information.

As part of our tax prep and compliance program, we mail or email to each returning client a tax organizer.  The organizer has all information from prior years to guide you through the information gathering process.  For new clients, we provide a blank organizer.  In fact, you can find one in our tax center page, take a look.  We would very much like to work with you.

And we care very much for our clients’ well-being.  We want you to pay the least amount of tax within the guidelines established by the government.

We wish all existing clients well, and for those not with us yet, we welcome a visit from you to allow us to explain how we can help.  Contact us for a free initial consultation at