Work through Lien and Levy Issues, both IRS and NYS

A bank levy is issued by the IRS when your taxes remain unpaid and you haven’t been able to resolve the problem.  The IRS will freeze your account up to the amount you owe including penalties and interest. 

The IRS is a fierce and determined collection agency.  When a levy is issued it is often the result of poor or even lack of communication between taxpayers and the IRS.  We will work with the IRS to ensure that future levies are not issued, we will work to obtain a hold on your account to protect you from future enforced collection, then we will review your tax matter and recommend the best course of action.  Courses of action include reviewing the underlying factors with a view toward lowering or removing the assessment; or, if the assessment is correct, make application for a payment arrangement that you, the taxpayer, will be able to afford.

A lien gives the IRS or your state tax department a legal claim to your property.  It does, at the same time, reflect negatively on your credit report.  Liens are often the result of lack of communication between the taxpayer and IRS.  Our course of action is to understand the problem and make arrangements with the IRS to pay in installments, to settle with the government through an offer in compromise.

There are many ways to fight or lessen the impact of the aggressive collection efforts of the government.  If you are facing such issues, let us help you.  Contact us for a free consultation at